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Hakeem Lingo


About Me

I've lived in many cities in Georgia. Atlanta, Lithonia, Powder Springs, Decatur, Marietta, Smyrna, Hiram. I know with the smell of urine in Marta elevators and the yell of waterboys at inner city interstate exits. While familiar with the city, I'm truly from New Orleans, Louisiana. My mother and I came here four years after Hurricane Katrina, around 2009. I was a first grader used to crawfish boils, New Orleans accents, and family living next door. We adjusted to the city together, her changing jobs in a fluctuating market often, me changing schools and friends even more often as we moved around. I was a naturally quiet kid, but going to Atlanta public schools you get a little tougher, less spoonfed, and learn to speak up for yourself. Going through many different hairstyles, losing my accent to an Atlanta one, and playing sports, I started to adjust to the city. These experiences shaped me for the current day. Now, I have interests in editing and animation, which I do using After Effects, as well as coding, specifically video games. Currently, I'm fighting my way through Blender and Unreal Engine tutorials to begin creating original work. As a 3rd year CM student, I’m excited to finish at Tech and continue my journey.