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Mammoth Revival




Rule & Regulations

Dilemmas/ controveries

Exist by 2028?

The purpose of bringing back the woolly mammoth is to prevent the permafrost from melting, which is causing bad gases to be released because of the significant role the mammoths played in preserving the health of the regions of of the Arctic and how they largely influenced it. Futuristically, their hybrids that are attemting to revive this extinct species could protect and preserve expansive ecosystems in which huans cannot and restore previously destroyed environments. This could also cause the reduction, prevention of wildfires

The type of habitat that will be required for ten success of the woolly mammoth project should be environmentally similar to what they live in before, which are locations such as the Arctic regions. Since the mammoth's are genetically equipped for ecosystems where an organism's survival depends on the adaptions to the freezing cold that it has, such astheir thick fur. This is the kind of habitat they will be able to thrive in

Some adaotations scientists would need to make to the original woolly mammoth to adjust to today's environment include whiter fur in order to camoflouge in their icy, snowy home. That will help them blend in with where they live to protect them from threatening modern predators. In addtion to that, their fur should be relatively thinner because of the warmer temperature.

If the project is to be successful, there must be restrictions and laws preventing the mammoth hybrids from being hunted or killed. Therefore, they sould placed a isolated envrionment in which their population and reproduction is heavily monitored.

The expansive, expensive project for the revival of an extinct animal species. has been a rather controversial concept. Many arguments claim that the money raised for bringing them back should be used to aid the currently endagered creatures. It is also agued over whether or not the effort these organizations are giving is worth all the potential problems that it could cause as a singular solution to global warming.

I predict that the woolly mammoth will not exist by the year 2028 because, in this situation, the flaws of this project outweigh the benefits of it. There are way more issues that could come from the developement of this hybrid species, such as repetitive failure to perfect the genetic traits and characteristics of the woolly mammoth breed, than the beneficial aspects that have a little chance of actually happenning

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