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Bookmark Only when there is a dashboard runtime filter in effect can the user then create a Bookmark. Users with edit permissions to the dashboard can make their bookmarks public. All users can save their bookmarks. Users can also make a bookmark their default dashboard runtime filters.

Filter Dialog The Filter dialog consists of two pane: a Column Pane and a Values Pane. You select a filter column first in the Column Pane, and then use the Values Pane to specify the filter expression operator and select one or more filter values.

Dashboard Search Use the Search text box in the Filter bar to enter a search term and filter the dashboard with a selected value.

Dashboard Applied Filters In the Context Bar, you can view what filters have been applied to the current view of the dashboard. The filters can be quickly removed using 'clear all'.

KPIsThis first insight should provide high-level context to the below visualizations.

Marketing vs. Profit vs COGs by SKU/State Use three measures in one compact view using the bubble chart!

Sales by State Use a map to showcase the the geographic distribution of sales.

Sales by Region by Month Using a line chart can be an excellent way of showing multiple category performance over time.

Product Family and Regional Profit Use a pivot table to showcase multiple columns and rows. Bonus: this insight will have a drill-down in it!

Transaction Details Use tables with full detail to support the above visualizations.