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Plagiarism Policy

Class Rules

Career Planning 7

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Additionally, if you come to Guided Instruction you MUST participate in the chat, Quizizz, or mic.

Be respectful to...

Classroom Rules

The teacherOthersYourselfAsk yourself before every action "is this respectful to my teacher? To others? To myself?" If the answer is no to any of these questions, then don't do it!

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What is plagiarism?Plagiarism is taking someone else's work and claiming it is your own. This includes copy and pasting from another website, having someone else do your work, or paraphrasing from another source. It does not have to be exact words to be plagiarism. You also may NOT use AI to write your answers.Why is plagiarism bad?Plagiarism is a form of stealing. In the professional world, plagiarism can result in losing your job, getting a fine, or even jail time.What happens if I plagiarize?First Time Offense- Warning+Call to CaretakerSecond Time Offense- 0 on that whole assignment/quiz+Call to CaretakerThird Time Offense- 0 on that whole assignment+no option for redo+Disciplinary Action

Plagiarism Policy