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1. Gather your tribe: Play with more players individually or form teams. 2. Choose your avatar: Select an animal token to accompany you on this adventure. 3. Roll the virtual die: Click! Discover how many squares you will advance on your color path. 4. Watch out for special squares: Do you see one marked? There awaits a challenge for you. Overcome it to move forward. 5. Failed challenges: If you don't succeed, go back 3 squares. Come on, you can recover! 6. Win!: Be the first person to conquer the central square!

Experience an amazing adventurewith Jumanlly:

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Restart game

Roll the dice

Write a cool subtitle

If i use lots of little titles in an information text this feature is called:

Name an animal you would not want as a pet and give a reason.

Make up a rule for another team to follow for 2 rounds

Roll again and move back that many spaces.

Miss 2 gos.

Do you have to consider the audience you are writing for when writing a non fiction text?

Define what makes an animal a good pet and give examples.

What was the purpose of the text we looked at today?

Why are bullets points or numbered lists useful in a Non fiction text?

Why is it important for non fiction texts to be supported with images?

go back 5 spaces

Roll again. If it is even move forward that many spaces.

You can make a rule for another team to follow.

How can you adapt the layout of a text to make certain features stand out?

Why might a leaflet use different fonts and colours?

Describe a puppy in 3 adjectives.

Roll again. If you roll odd you win. If you roll even, go back that number.

We have looked an instructions too. What is the time connective and bossy verb in this sentence?Next, cut the paper.

Make up a rule for another team to abide by for two rolls.

Why are text boxes useful in a non fiction text?

Use this space to add awesome interactivity. Include text, images, videos, tables, PDFs... even interactive questions!


Chose another team to get an extra roll.

Roll again. If you get an odd number you can move forward that many.

Define what a glossary is.

Where might you find an advert for a missing pet?

Adverts need to use persausve language. true or False.

Miss a go!

Miss a go!

MIss 2 gos!

NAme a responsibility that comes with owning a pet.

Miss a go.

Roll the dice again. If you roll more than 4 you can move forward that many spaces.

What animals do not make good pet and why?

Give a reason why cats make good pets:

What animals do not make good pet and why?

Recall one fact we learnt about bearded dragons.

name a profession or job linked to animals.