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Martin Luther King Jr. was an American activist that fought for civil rights and racial equality. He led a movement that ended segregation, passing laws that gave civil rights to African American individuals in society. By organizing many protests and marches, Martin Luther King Jr. changed society for African American individuals, giving them significant rights in America and changing their lives for the better.

Kobe Bryant was an American professional basketball player that is said to be one of the greatest players of all time. During his career, Bryant had the mindset that one’s only competition is within and in order to be the best version of themselves, one must try everyday to get better. The “Mamba Mentality” that Kobe maintained inspired young athletes around the world by changing the way they approach their passion as well as changed how society views successful mindsets. Also, Bryant helped expand the NBA and after his retirement, he used his spotlight to give opportunities to children.

Princess Diana was a member of the Royal British family as she married Charles III and had two sons, William and Harry. She believed heavily in the importance of charities and giving back to the people as she was president of over 100 charities. Instead of neglecting her voice in society, she decided to use it to raise awareness for mental health as well as disabled, homeless, and HIV/AIDS individuals in order to ensure that proper treatment is provided. Princess Diana displayed how individuals struggling with disease and mental health should be taken care of and not discriminated against, resulting in a shift in the minds of society.

Queen Elizabeth II was the former queen of England having ruled for seventy years until she passed. Using her high authority, the Queen supported England’s society through her decisions and her contributions. She created opportunities for young individuals, served as a role model, and encouraged citizenship as well as charity in order to improve society. While helping citizens, she also participated in her political duties that ensured the stability of England’s economy.

Lionel Messi is an Argentinian professional soccer player that is one of the most decorated players in history. He has been considered by soccer fans all around the world to be one of the best players to step foot on the field. By inspiring millions of young soccer players to pursue their passion in the sport, Messi has changed the sport industry with his incredible skills and tactical mindset. Also, being below the societal expectations for a successful soccer player, he proved many people wrong by succeeding without physical advantages such as height and weight. By doing so, he inspired many soccer players that are under these expectations as well to never give up no matter the circumstances provided.

Albert Einstein was a German physicist that developed the theory of relativity, created inventions, and contributed to many other discoveries in science. His theory helped the world understand important aspects of gravity, space, time, and the universe, those of which impact society daily. Einstein encouraged individuals to look for reasons, use their imagination, and question everything, in order to open the doors for more realizations.

Neil Armstrong was an American astronaut that made history when he was the first person to set foot on the moon. By leading the Apollo 11 mission, Armstrong was able to open up a new chapter of space exploration and introduce new innovative space technology. His actions changed the way millions viewed space and was able to put the United States in the lead during the Space Race as well.

Walt Disney was an American entrepreneur who created the amusement parks Disney World and Disneyland. By providing the world with many characters, movies, and tv shows, Disney brought joy to the hearts of many young children. He had several animation innovations that changed the entertainment industry as well as millions of people’s lives.

Greta Gerwig is an American director that supports self-improvement and feminism. By incorporating monologues and conversations, she is able to express to the viewer the idea that self-love should be prioritized as well as that women must stand up for themselves. Gerwig has inspired individuals all over the world through her touching work and has changed the way women view themselves and each other.

Stan Lee was an American comic book writer and editor that changed the comic book industry through his creative characters that reflected real-life people. By incorporating elements of average people’s lives into his heroes, he was able to connect to his readers on a personal level and impact them directly. His work brought awareness to comic books as well as starting the famous franchise, Marvel, has allowed for millions of young children to express their creativity and imaginations with these characters. He also taught lessons to individuals through his work that brought more positivity into the world of entertainment.

Rosa Parks was an American activist during the civil rights movement that is most known for her actions regarding the Montgomery Bus Boycott. After a white man asked to take her seat on a bus, Parks refused and was punished. This act supporting racial equality sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott, resulting in thousands of African American individuals supporting her fight for civil rights. She helped raise awareness for racism, inspired civil rights for colored individuals, and proved how peaceful protest can make a difference in society.

Nelson Mandela was a South African politician and activist that conducted the fight for human rights and helped bring peace to his country. After South Africa had been divided for many years, Mandela helped guide citizens towards justice and reconciliation. He also fought against racism and white supremacist rule by being the first African American president, leading his country towards a successful economy and society.

Anne Frank was a German diarist that helped the world recognize the horrors of the Nazi group and the genocide that they directed towards European Jews. While hiding from the Nazis for around two years, Anne wrote about her struggles in her daily life as she attempted to stay away from the terror that the Nazis brought. Her diary brought attention to the Holocaust and changed how the world viewed the Nazi group, while also being an important artifact in history so that individuals never repeat that event. Frank is also a symbol of courage as she changed the way individuals approach tough circumstances as her brave mindset and actions inspire people.

Elon Musk is an American businessman who is the CEO of Tesla Motors. His achievements have shocked the world as his inventions, auto industry developments, and aerospace companies have succeeded significantly. Musk changed the automobile industry by developing a vehicle using modern technology that is extremely safe and convenient for individuals in society, in order to better their standard of living. He has changed the automobile industry significantly using his electric cars as well as is paving the future for space developments.

Taylor Swift is an American singer-songwriter that has influenced the pop culture and music industry significantly. By creating versatile music, Swift has impacted millions in society through her heartfelt lyrics and unforgettable melodies. While primarily making music, Swift also recognizes how much of an impact she can have due to her platform, therefore she supports charities and helps those who are less fortunate than her.