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Elizabethan England was the home of many huge figures at the time. For example, Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I. Shakespeare was a genius who grew up in London and Stratford. Inspired by plays and the way of life in England he brought his passions to theatre for the world to rejoice.

The social hierarchy favors the king/queen and disregards anything lower than a noble. Due to shakespeare's success he would rank right under the king/queen.

The Black Plague claimed the lives over 26 million Europeans and gained the title as one of the most deadly plagues ever in history. Shakespeare never wrote a play in regards to the deadly plague but he fortunately survived through one of humanity's dreadful times

Queen Elizabeth I was the Queen of England and Ireland during the 16th century, she served as a fashion icon and role model for her entire territory; she practically had English culture right at her palm.

It is said that rats were the cause of the Black Plague but it is quite obvious that the English's poor hygiene was a main factor in the spread of the plague.

Being considered one of the best play writers in history. He also received a lot of praise for his works back in his day. Another additional detail on him includes his time as a beloved English teacher that flourished the minds of young ones. Some are still confused on shakespeare's death but it is theorized that he was murdered or he succumbed to syphilis.