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Sales Training: DEveloping Your Qsource Pitch


VC-style investment and burn management (allocate capital, fund in stages, release funds based on market proof)

Maintain the right fixed/variable cost and buy vs. build for capability and solution development (in-house experts+3rd party capabilities+solution partners etc.)

Nail product/market fit and differentiation(advisory board, interviews/surveys, smoke tests,etc.)

Make solution concepts real, listen to VOC and prepare to be surprised / wrong(visuals, value prop messaging, pricing, etc.)

Next for Qsource

BD/Sales capacity w target customer credibility(Sales VP, 3rd Party Partners, etc.)

Ongoing solution expansion to capture more share

ID growth opportunities and prioritize offerings



Validate offerings with voice of market / customer

Develop the solution to scale in the market

Test with small-scale in market pilotsw/ customers




Keys to success for Qsource as it tests, builds and takes mission based, solutions to market.

Clarity on operating structure and accountability(Gov vs. Commercial, entity design, resource allocation

Like any opportunity at this stage, they come with a certain degree of uncertainty, but we see high potential upsideand have identified key assumptions and high-level next steps to validate the potential of these offeringsWe believe that we can win in these markets if we are trusted, easy to do business with and committed to our customer's success by helping them improve quality while managing their cost pressures Moving forward, we will use a stage-gated approach to manage capital and risk as we evaluate the potential to launch new offerings. A key next step is to test the customer and partner receptivity to the offerings to inform pricing and what we build.

five yearsWe would pursue these opportunities in concert with enhancing our core government offering, seeking to build strength across both

These opportunities aim to increase our mission and revenue impact, allowing Qsource to reach up to ~2,000+ facilities and up to ~200K+ livesacross SNF and HHAs with a revenue potential estimate of ~$ 15M over the next

These opportunities require refinement and continued market testing prior to launch


Two commercial opportunities have been

Qsource is committed to its mission of improving health care quality

Executive Summary

We have a responsibility to stabilize, modernize, and strengthen our enterpriseand an opportunity to have a bigger impact on more livesWe have identified two priority areas for near-term exploration that build on our existing core offerings and expertise: quality improvement and management optimization for SNF / LTC facilities and home health agencies

Currently, Qsource brings its mission to life through three core offerings across its government business.

ESRD ($2.0M)

End-stage renal disease (ESRD) quality improvement in dialysis facilities

QIN QIO ($1.9M)Nursing homes ($1.0M)Practice solutions, incl. program development, workforce training ($0.7M)

Quality improvement program development & consulting

EQRO ($3.5M)

Design and implement quality improvement plans across skilled nursing and long-term care facilities to drive improvements to STARs ratings, margin performance through survey readiness support, clinical workflow design, training/learningdevelopment of staff, and health equity initiatives Support data-driven healthcare quality improvement efforts across various settings and programs in our region

Evaluate the quality, timeliness and accessibility of services provided to the adults and children receiving managed care through Medicaid and CHIP health plans, and dual-eligible special needs plans (D-SNPs)

External quality review for Medicaid, CHIP health plans, and dual-eligible special needs plans (D-SNPs)

Current contracts (revenue)


Current core offering

For discussion only. No decisions have been made, all recommendations are subject to further evaluation and review

Qsource’s mission:To improve healthcare quality through patient-centered, provider-focused solutions that enhance the patient’s quality of life