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The story of an 11 year old autistic girl who finds a deep connection with the witch trials that contributed to the history of her small scottish town and vows to make sure their story isn't forgotten and stand up for the truth as well as herself.

Scotland's Witch Trial Map https://static.visitscotland.com/pdf/witchcraft-trail.pdf

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Mapping Scotland's Grim History of Witch Hunting

"A memorial to the 81 alleged witches tortured and executed in Prestonpans. Their innocence was publicly declared in 2004."

Statue in Prestonpans, East Lothian

Admin. (2022, September 16). Witches’ Memorials in Scotland. For Women Scotland. https://forwomen.scot/06/03/2022/witches-memorials-in-scotland/

Witches’ Memorials in Scotland

"Maze of beech hedges with a pillar in the middle, etched with the names of the eleven victims of the witch trials in 1662." (

Witches Maze, Tullibole Castle, Crook of Devon

Witches of Scotland