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Gatsby Tour Map

A peninsula of Long Island where “old money” lives. People who have inherited their wealth live here, including Daisy and Tom. The residents are esteemed, high-class, and well-acquainted with the life of luxury. And much like the residents, the homes are classy, long-standing, and naturally luxurious. Parties thrown here are small and private.

East Egg:

The home of Tom and Daisy Buchanon, located on the East Egg. Represents the “old money” of Tom’s family. “a cheerful red and white Georgian Colonial mansion overlooking the bay. The lawn started at the beach and ran toward the front door for a quarter of a mile, jumping over sun-dials and brick walks and burning gardens—finally when it reached the house drifting up the side in bright vines as though from the momentum of its run.”

The Buchanan’s House: