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The Book of Lost Names

by Kristin Harmel

This work of historical fiction takes place in France during the Nazi occupation of WWII. Eva uses her artistic talents to forge documents to help Jewish children escape.

Areas of Interest

  • Global Scholar Students
  • Visual Art Students
  • History Students

Cloud Cuckoo Land

by Anthony Doerr

Winner of numerous literary awards, using multiple POVs and timelines, this story centers around an ancient text. Ultimately it is a story about storytelling, resillence, and hope.

Areas of Interest

  • Literature Students
  • Ecological/Biology Students

The Good Neigbor

by Maxwell King

A popular children's televison figure, Mr. Roger's dedication to the education of children went beyond the tv screen. This biography highlights his deep faith that guided all that he did.

Areas of Interest

  • Religious and Spiritual Students
  • Performing Arts Students

Outrun the Moon

by Stacey Lee

After the San Fransico earthquake of 1908 destroys her school and neighbor, Mercy is determined to help her community in its most desperate time.

Areas of Interest

  • History Students
  • Global Scholars

Tress of the Emerald Sea

by Brandon Sanderson

Tress leaves the only home she has ever know in a quest to save her love. Using her quick wit and gift for designing, she is able to conquer any challenge she runs into, while also adding to her list of people to save.

Areas of Interest

  • Engineering and Design Students
  • Fantasy Fans

Infinity Particle

by Wendy XU

This futuristic graphic novel tells the story of Clem and Kye, a humanoid AI, both who work in Dr. Lin's robotics laboratory. If Kye is sentient enough to have feelings, shouldn't he be free to choose his own path?

Areas of Interest

  • Visual Arts Students
  • Engineering and Design Students


by Nic Stone

Areas of Interest

  • Social Justice Scholars
  • Sociology Students
  • Romance Fans

Rico works hard to take care of her family as they struggle to get by, but when she sells a winning lottery ticket, she thinks her luck has changed. If only she can locate the winner. With the help of Zan, her wealthy and popular classmate, she might find more than she bargained for.

Keeping Hope Alive

by Dr. Hawa Abdi

Areas of Interest

  • Global Scholars
  • Health/Science Students

A beautiful and compelling memoir written by the woman considered the, "Mother Theresa of Somalia." Dr. Abdi dedicated her life to helping the displaced and unhoused people in a war-torn country.

Kisses from Katie

by Katie Davis Majors

Areas of Interest

  • Religious and Spirituality Students
  • Global Scholars

At 18, Katie upends her life and instead of attending college, follows her passion for service and travels to Uganda where she falls in love with the country and people she meets there. She captures her story in this brief memoir.

Next Year in Havana

by Andy Weir

Areas of Interest

  • Global Scholars
  • History Students

Inspired by the experiences of the author's family, this work of historical fiction explores the choices families had to make during the Cuban Revolution.

Warrior Girl Unearthed

By Angeline Boulley

Areas of Interest

  • Social Studies Students
  • Mystery Fans

After being forced into community service for the entire summer because she crashed her car, Perry finds meaning in protecting her ancestors' memories, artifacts and remains.

Remarkably Bright Creatures

by Shelby Van Pelt

Areas of Interest

  • Ecology/Biology Students

Tova's son mysteriously disappeared 30 years ago, but somehow the octopus in the aquarium where she works knows what happened to him. This is a story about the meaning of community and how community can expand to include our neighbors found in nature.

Saints of the Household

by Ari Tison

Areas of Interest

  • Global Scholars
  • Visual Art Students

Two brothers deal with the aftermath of their attack on a fellow student in different ways in this novel in verse. Jay turns inward and pushes others away while Max turns to his art to help him process.

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