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Will-Skill Matrix

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  • Engage in open dialogue
  • Offer mentoring or peer support

  • Provide encouragement and support
  • Offer personalized training sessions

Low Will/High Skill:

  • Offer targeted training and PD opportunities
  • Provide hands-on guidance and resources

HUMAN Approach


  • Empower teacher leadership
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration and innovation

Will and Skill Framework

Low Will/Low Skill

High Will/Low Skill

High Will/High Skill:

A teacher with high skill but low will may possess the technical competence to use technology but lacks the desire or motivation to do so. They may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of change or perceive technology as unnecessary or disruptive.

A teacher with low will and low skill may lack enthusiasm or motivation for integrating technology into their teaching. They may also have limited knowledge or experience with using technology in educational settings.

A teacher with high will but low skill demonstrates a strong desire to embrace technology but may feel unsure or insecure about their abilities to effectively implement it in their teaching practice.

A teacher with high will and high skill exhibits both the motivation and the competence to successfully integrate technology into their teaching.

HUMAN Approach: Acknowledge emotions, understand motivations, meet individual needs, address resistance, nurture growth mindset, empower ownership


Interactivity and animation can be your best allies when it comes to creating tables, infographics, or graphs that help provide context to the information and simplify the data for your audience. We are visual beings and find it easier to 'read' images than to read written text.

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Narrative beings. We tell thousands and thousands of stories. ⅔ of our conversationsare stories.

We are visual beings. We are capable of understanding images from millions of years ago, even from other cultures.

Summary and organization

With Genially templates, you can include visual resources to leave your audience speechless. You can also highlight specific phrases or information that will be etched into your audience's memory, and even embed external content that surprises: videos, photos, audios... Whatever you want!


To remove interactivity...It's as simple as clicking on the icon, use the editor to make the changes you want, and click on save.

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La interactividad y la animación pueden ser tus mejores aliadas a la hora de crear tablas, infografías o gráficos que ayuden a dar contexto a la información y simplificar los datos para traducirlos ante tu público. Somos seres visuales y nos resulta más sencillo 'leer' imágenes, que leer untexto escrito.

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  • Improve communication on any topic.
  • Matches your audience...
  • And gets them involved in the message.
  • Has a color suitable for its theme.
  • Represents data with graphics.
  • Uses timelines to tell stories.

You can usethis function...To highlight super-relevant data. 90% of the information we assimilate comes through our sight.

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