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Multicultural education

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What is an important/cultural dish that you enjoy eating?

What is an important tradition in your family?

What are some common cultural values or beliefs that you have?

If you celebrate holidays, are there any holidays that are important in your culture/life?

How much do you know about your culture/heritage?

What role, if any, does family or ancestry play in understanding your idenity/culture.

Meaning of this Acitivty: Culture is an aspect that is unqiue to all of us as our heritage makes up part of our idenity. With life being so busy, sometimes we do not get a chance teo connect with our culture as well as learn about ther cultures as well. This acitvity will allow us to reflect as well as learn about other cultures in the classroom.

Are there any important teachings passed down from grandparents?

When someone is born or when someone passes away, are there any specific traditions or celebrations?

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