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Make the most out of your visit!

Something to keep in mind when visiting mexico and interacting with business partners and citizens alike, is that they place great importance on seniority/elders. Showing respect to someone who is a senior is something that should be expected.


One of the first things you might notice, but should be aware of, is that in Mexico its normal to say hello as you pass someone. Not greeting someone could be seen as rude, so whenever you pass someone, just give them a friendly hello!

Cultural Customs of Mexico



One difference between American and Mexican food culture you will almost certainly notice is the spices! Many foods you may have while in mexico are likely going to have a lot more spice, even for their Dorritos!

When visiting another country it is always best to learn and keep in mind the cultural differences you may have, to best avoid any misunderstandings. When dealing with the global world we live in and the importance of people when it comes to business, maintaining satisfaction is of utmost importance.

These cultural differences should definitly be kept in mind, but make the most out of your visit!If you want to learn more, the source for some of this information is "Etiquette: Mexico Guide to Cultural Norms and Manners" by Family Destinations Guide

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