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Bias & Ethical Thinking

In a classroom with limited resources, how would you evenly distribute them among students to ensure fairness and equal opportunities?

How would you address the celebration of different religious holidays in a diverse classroom setting?

You have a student with a documented learning disability; if you were to provide grading accommodations for them, how would you ensure fairness in grading to other students?

A colleague consistently uses language that may be considered outdated and offensive; how would you address this, considering your professional relationship and maintaining a positive work environment?

Some parents are expressing disagreements with a part of the curriculum due to religious or cultural beliefs; how would you address this while respecting their perspectives?

How would you handle a situation where a curriculum may unintentionally perpetuate stereotypes and exclude particular cultural perspectives? What adjustments would you make, if any?

If a student you know more personally is being disruptive during class, would you discipline them like you would any other student, or would you be more lenient due to your closer relationship with them?