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Imaginario AI

Elijah Lemmel

What is the Problem?

Content creators and studios are struggling with video editing efficiency; video editing can be timely as well as costly!

Imaginario AI

Imaginario AI introduces AI to video editing to provide tools for video searching, analysis, and assistance

What is the Solution?

Product Features

1. Curates social cuts in seconds2. Search within your videos3. AI transcription and editing

Market Potential

  • Imaginario AI would fall under the AI-powered video editing market
  • Currently, Market.US is valuing this market at roughly 700 million, and expectations of it growing to 1.32 billion by 2032 (giving a CAGR of 6.3%)
  • Imaginario has already established itself among top studios
  • Many different subscriptions are available to cater to different customers

Current Subscriptions




49$/ Month


99$/ Month


289$/ Month

Warner Bros. Discovery


Time reduction in multi-platform editing workflows

Creators and Studios


growth in social engagement


Jose PugaCeo and FounderEntrepreneur and AI Certified

Abdelhak Loukkal CTO and Co-founderMechanical Engineer


Imaginario has already connected with major companies and has shown results

There are numerous subscription options for a wide array of customers

The team of Imaginario bring different skill sets to the table

I would recommend that HP invest in Imaginario, as it can align with HP's goals of content creativity enhancement via AI!

Thank you for your time!