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Genially Project


  • Self-Assessment Quiz: A button leading to a short quiz where users can explore their own potential biases. This could include questions that make them reflect on their initial reactions to various scenarios.

  • Common Biases in Education: This button could explore specific biases that are often found in educational settings, such as biases related to race, gender, socioeconomic status, and learning abilities.

  • Introduction to Implicit Bias: This button provides a brief overview of what implicit bias is, with examples to illustrate how these biases might manifest in everyday situations, especially in a classroom setting.

  • Real-Life Scenarios: Here, you could present different classroom scenarios where implicit biases might affect decision-making. Participants would think about how they would react in these situations.

  • Discussion Prompts: Similar to the "4-corners" activity, provide prompts that encourage future teachers to discuss their thoughts and feelings about biases. These can be used in group discussions to facilitate open dialogue.

  • Strategies to Overcome Bias: This button could offer strategies and practices that help in recognizing and overcoming biases, such as reflective journaling, open discussions, and continuous learning about diverse cultures and backgrounds.

  • Reflection Corner: A button leading to a space where participants can write or record their reflections on what they have learned about their own biases and how they plan to address them in their teaching practice.

  • Resources for Further Learning: Offer links or references to books, articles, videos, and courses that provide deeper insight into understanding and combating implicit biases.