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Tangrams for Kids

What is a tangram?

The game is said to have come from China and was probably invented during the Song dynasty. It seems that it was Captain M. Donnaldson who first brought the Tangram to America on his ship in 1815.The Tangram also arrived in England, and then spread to the rest of Eorpe. At the beginning of the 19th century, many of these games were still exported directly from China, made from different materials ranging from glass to wood to turtle shells..In Germany, the Tangram became popular with toy brand Richter, who made pieces using stone and mud.

The origins of the game

The Tangram consists of 7 geometric pieces called 'tans'. It has a square, a diamond, and 5 triangles - two large, two small, and one medium sized triangle.The objective of the game is to form specific shapes with the pieces without overlapping them.

The tangram game

The Tangram is the perfect choice to have a good time with your little ones. What are you waiting for? Teach them how to play!Have fun!

THE Tangram


Do you want to make your own Tangram using cardboard, a posterboard, or a shoebox?You can make a Tangram by using a posterboard or strong square piece of cardboard that measures 5 inches on each side. Here's how:

  • Draw the diagonals of the square
  • On two sides, we'll make marks that divide them into 1.25 inches, 1.25 inches, and 2.5 inches.
  • We'll connect these marks as shown in the video
  • Erase the unnecessary lines
  • Finally, cut the pieces.