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Filipe Silva nº 6, Maria Leonor nº13 and Melissa nº 20, English subject, Teacher José Couto

Rome - Italy

An exchange programme to

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02 The New School Rome

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In this presentation we're going to talk about our exchange program. We will spend 5 days in Rome, Italy. We'll be staying at The New School Rome. We hope you enjoy :)

The New School was founded in 1972 by a group of parents and teachers who wanted to create a school where academic excellence would be combined with attention to the individual and the development of personal and social responsibility.

The NewSchool Rome

Rome is the capital city of Italy. It is also the capital of the Lazio region, the centre of the Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, and a special comune (municipality) named Comune di Roma Capitale.

Location and Map

Area 1 285 km²

Population 2,860,009 residents

The currency used in Rome is the Euro, which is the official currency of Europe.


Although the official language spoken in Rome is Italian, travellers will find that many locals speak English, especially those with restaurants, hotels and other places associated with tourism.

Official language

Saint Peter's Basilica

The Pantheon

Trevi Fountain

The Coliseum

Places to visit

Our Bags


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