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Understanding health risk!

By Raquel pellicer sanz

Energy drinks

Energy drinks

Advertising and Marketing

Healthy Alternatives

Long-Term Impacts

Short-Term Effects (8min)

Definition and composition of energy drinks



Part 01

Definition and composition of energy drinks

Definition and purpose

what energy drinks are:

The energy drinks are analcolic drinks generally gasified. Nowadays, they are very famous amoung young people and teenages. The purpose of this drinks is to relieve the fatigue, to be awake, improve the physical performance and to stimulate the cognitive abilities against the stress.


a lot of sugar


The ingredients:

It´s mainly compose of caffeine, taurine, carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins (of type B like: B3- niacina, B5- ácido pantoteico, B6-piridoxina), minerals, vegetable extracts accompanied by additives, preservatives, flavorings and colorings.

Comparison with other drinks:

The energy drinks provide more calories, that are quikly acumulate, because they contain large amounts of added sugar.It provide few nutrients, a lot of caffeine and stimulants.All of this is less healthy than others drinks such as coffee and fizzy drinks, causing illness.


Part 02

Short-Term Effects (8 minutes)

Discussion of Immediate Effects:

what are the effects:

The effects that the energy drinks can cause are: headache, abdominal pain, dizziness, diarrhea, dehydration and sleep problems. This is mostly, because of the caffeine and sugar.

Examples of Risky Situations:

The association of energy drinks and alcohol can provoke undesirables effects such as cardiovascular alterations, tachycardia, palpitations or increase blood pressure, insomnia, nervousness and lack of motor coordination.This mix can be very dangerous, because increases a lot your blood presure, and can provoke heart attacks.Also because you feel awake and braver, and if you catch a car it´s very possible to have an accident.

It depends on the amount that you drink, but it can provide you insomnia and increase of blood presure, so you can´t sleep well and next day you will feel tired during the exam.


This type of drinks have some benefits for us such as: increasing mental performance, reducing fatigue and improving memory. This can be very usefull to study for an important exam.It also improves the performance and the endurance at sport.


Impact on Academic Performance:

At school environment


Part 03

Long-Term Impacts

Exploration of Long-Term Risks:

what are the effects:

The consumption of this type of drinks is increasingly frequent in childs and teenagers.Long-term, there are many risks for the health such as:- Alterations in the electrical activity of the heart.- Increase chances of suffering from tooth decay and fractures.- Wear of tooth enamel, due to the acidity of the drink.- Increased arterial tension, which can cause: cerebrovascular accidents, memory loss, heart failure and acute myocerdium infarction.- Diabetes- Increased stress- Sleep disturbances- Overweight

A study made by sciELO España to some universitary students of medicine says that: 91 drink it to study76 drink it for the flavor 47 drink it at parties 29 drink it for physical exerciseconsume energy drinks

According to the EFSA (science, safe food, sustainability).Public an inform who says that: 30 of adults68 of teenagers18 of childs under 10 yearsconsume energy drinks


Scientific Data:

Connection to adolescence:

Scientists recommend that children under 12 years old shouldn´t even try energy drinks, they cause many problems: depression, insomnia, low self- esteem, obesity, poor school performance... It is not highly recommended for adolescents either because the brain is still developing and can cause serious problems now or in the future. In fact the sale of these drinks to minors under 18 years old is prohibited in Spain.Teenagers usually weigh little for the large doses of caffeine these drinks contain, these can also cause restlessness and tremors.

the effect in adolescende:


Part 04

Advertising and Marketing

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Some companies, does the recipients in a way that you can´t close and keep it for later, when you open it you have to finish it.

Others companies such as Monster, makes the recipients bigger, so it gives you more amount for a similar price and you buy that instead of others .

Companies such as Red Bull, makes advertisements, in which they show that energy drinks gives a lot of energy and are a modern things, so people tries them.

Some companies such as Red Bull, patronize some sports such as extreme sports and create his own events. This makes that you associate be healthy and do sports with energy drinks such as Red Bull.

Analysis of advertising Strategies

advertising and marketing

Influence adolescence:

When adolescents watch the advertisements and they see healthy people, doing sport, that are with a lot of friends, beeing happy... they like what they see, and they associate being happy and doing what you like to drinking energy drinks. So they have them.Also if you see famous people at the advertisements or your group of friends having them you also want to take it to be more integrate.

advertising affect adolescents desition?

The real thing is that what this companies want is to sell a lot of products, be famous brands... but this are not as good for our physical and mental health.People should think before they are buying this drinks, because many times you don´t know what you are drinking.

In the promotional imagens they show the product in a nice image, with a well elected short number of word that say a lot.Words such as discount, double, more, energy, power... are used, also ads wich looks moder and trendy, so young people saw that and want to try them.


Promotional images



Part 05

Healthy Alternatives

A balanced diet, constant exercise routines, be mentally well and plenty of rest lead to better performance over time than with energy drinks. If you are doing a sport and you feel tired, instead of having an energy drink you can have an exercise routine, and each day increase a bit to be less tired and last longer exercising.Instead of drinking energy drinks try to drink water, because it doesn´t have sugar, caffeine and calories.These drinks should not be substituted for physical and mental rest, your body will feel better alfer sleeping 8 hours than after having two energy drinks. We all need to rest and energy drinks are not a good form to continue being rested, because this makes our body deteriorates and you will have more illness in the future.

Healthier options

Healthy Alternatives:

If you sleep instead of having energy drinks to be awake:- Your body secret hormones that makes you grow up.- Your memory and your apprenticeship strengthens. When you are sleeping your brain is working.-It strengthens the inmunological system.-It keeps a healthy weight.-It improves cardiovascular health.-It improves your mood. Water instead of energy drinks :- It doesn´t have sugar and calories.- You sleep well, because it doesn´t have caffeine.- You know what you are drinking and it is good for your body.- You prevent a lot of illnesses.- Water is not addictive.Do exercise without energy drinks:- You know when your body has to rest, so as not damage it.- You are not having more calories while you are burning them.


alfernatives to energy drinks

To understand the risk that it provoke you, you can have a misfortune.

little by little drink less, and if someone offers you to say NO

if you have a big addiction, you should see a specialist

Stop buying them, trying to change to water or other drinks less harmful for our body.

4 tips

Tips for Moderation:


By Raquel Pellicer Sanz 3ºB ESO