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Batik Traditional clothing that men and women wear for special occasions. This batik is for men, it is mostly a button-up shirt for men and women a long dress. Indonesia has a lot of Muslim culture, so many women dress more conservatively.

Wall Decoration Many of the decorations in Indonesia have meaning. This was bought by a local family in Java, and although there was no meaning to this one, it is still special. It reminds us where we came from and to remember that although we moved and follow the culture here we remain intact with ours.

Tray Many trays in Indonesia will be handmade. Due to poverty, we could barely afford nice things, so we would pass down things or help each other out by buying things from each other. This is the dining tray that we use when we have late-night snacks.

Wallet This is a traditional wallet mostly common in Toraja which is part of Indonesia. Toraja is a small village surrounded by rice farms. In Toraja, many things are hand made. This would be considered "designer."

Seasoning (food) Many Indonesian's seasoning comes in packets. It is many ingredients in one packet. The are various packets for different foods you are making. There is one for fried rice, curry, noodles, and so many other things.

Teamwork and working with clients I think that aspects of my culture will complement how I work with clients because I understand how their values and belief systems play a role in their ability in the occupations they would like to work on. For example, if in a person's certain clothing wear expectations are for them to be more conservative. I will know why they want to dress they do and why it's meaningful. Certain aspects that may create certain biases in teams and with clients are how influential I may see things differently due to my culture. It is easy for one to make assumptions. I may come a long way, especially being self-aware, but it does not mean I always know what is happening and why. There is always room for growth, understanding, and views that I can be aware of. Especially in my culture, what we see as right and okay may not be okay for them. For example, in my country, we like to eat with our hands and some may see that as a sign of disrespect. So I would keep in mind to ask what their preference are respectfully.