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08. Personal Opiniom

07. Fear

06. Disgust

05. Sadness

04. Anger

03. Joy

02. Relesse

01. Synopsis

With the move to a new town, the feelings of Riley, who is only 11 years old, get really jumbled up. A mix-up in the control room of her brain leaves Joy and Sadness out, affecting Riley's life in a big way.




"Inside Out" was released by Pixar in 2015, directed by Pete Docter and Ronnie del Carmen. The movie was innovative in exploring emotions in Riley's mind, introducing captivating characters. With awesome animation, it became a hit, winning over viewers with its unique and captivating take on the emotional universe.


Joy is the optimistic, energetic emotion and the leader in Riley's mind. Her mission is to keep Riley happy. With her vibrant yellow, Joy is the positive force that always looks on the bright side of life.


Anger is an explosive, red emotion that flares up when things don't go as planned. Despite his short fuse, Anger plays a vital role in Riley's emotional experience.


Sadness is a blue emotion expressing melancholy and empathy. Often underestimated, Sadness plays a crucial role in understanding emotions and connecting with others.


Disgust is a green emotion that arises in response to the disgusting. With a sense of discernment, Disgust protects Riley's emotional integrity by expressing what she considers unacceptable.


Fear is a purple emotion that arises in scary situations. Though cautious, Fear plays a vital role by alerting Riley to potential dangers, ensuring her emotional safety.


We like the movie because it has an interesting message that pure joy doesn't exist. We always have to feel sad to overcome our problems. In short, in a healthy mind, there isn't only happiness, but also sadness, anger, disgust, and fear.