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made by: Margarida Figueiredo 11ºH

contact lenses

4- The price

3.Target audience

2. what's the aim

1. what is made of


what is made of

  • Soft contact lenses are made from a type of plastic that contains water in its composition and has a similar appearance to a gel, called hydrogel.
  • These lenses are very thin and flexible and adapt to the front surface of our eye.
  • These lenses are used to kill the person we want by winking.

what's the aim

  • Earn money (by selling the product)
  • Making murder easily by blinking
  • Removing annoying people in everyones live

the main target

  • Audience that are tired of their lifes and others

How much would it cost

  • one hundred euros

made by: Margarida Figueiredo 11ºH