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Misty Copeland is known for breaking some norms and expectations of ballet dancing while still holding its beauty and culture. She’s one of the first influential, female, African American ballerinas, and she doesn’t believe in the strict, bodily expectations that ballet may request of its dancers. Misty inspires people to follow their passions, regardless of race or societal expectations.

Bob Fosse was one of the most creative and influential American jazz choreographers. He was known for both his signature move, “jazz hands”, and his use of additional props, such as the cane and bowler hat, which continue to be popular in jazz culture today. His name became popular after he started directing and choreographing musicals, some of them being The Pajama Game, Chicago, and Cabaret.

Ariana Grande played a big role in repopulating the genre of pop music, especially during the time of her two most successful albums, each released in 2018 and 2019. Her music influenced the bringing of more personal thoughts and emotions to the public, helping her listeners learn valuable lessons, such as giving importance to the growth that independence may offer.

Bill Clinton was the 42nd president of the United States and strongly impacted our country through his political actions. In the four years of Clinton’s governing, he highly contributed to global economic growth, one of those efforts being when he succeeded in expanding American free trade. This led to the growing interest in the Democratic Party, as he showed that they believed in political order, individualism, and women’s societal opportunities.

As a praised American actor and director, Michael B. Jordan is well-known for being able to fight against the common stereotypes of African Americans. Many of his movie roles portray the difficulties that men of color have to endure in our community, while also explaining how they may grow from it. This representation of African American struggles in society reveals a different perspective for others and allows a better understanding for many, ultimately aiding in uniting our nation.

Kamala Harris, our current Vice President, is widely known as the first female Vice President in American history. Her bravery and strength to fight against gender and racial discrimination, as she was born to immigrant parents, make her a great role model to those who believe that their natural background will harm their future. Kamala Harris’ achievements allow women more freedom and representation in the American future and its politics.

Kylie Jenner, an Instagram influencer, is famous throughout the female Gen-Z population for her makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics, and her fashion choices. Kylie Jenner strives to increase body positivity and confidence through the popularity of her clothing styles and cosmetics. For example, her habit of wearing bodycon dresses has inspired many to feel comfortable with themselves and their body types. Also, her nude lipstick shade set a trend throughout America, as many found its flexibility with many styles powerful. Both of these actions allowed many young women to go out of their comfort zone and express themselves more.

Jennette McCurdy was originally a child actor who was forced into an early career due to her mother’s wishes. Because of the constant abuse she received from her mother, her mental health worsened to the point where she developed an eating disorder, causing her to be severely underweight throughout her acting years. Also, Nickelodeon didn’t treat her well either, as she was forced to do many things without getting a say in her roles. Jennette McCurdy is applauded for sharing her experiences with the public and for revealing that life is very different than what a screen may imply.

Robert Frost was an American poet who strived to change the traditional structure and practices of poetry and input his creative ideas into his poems. His unique works influenced future works of writers and poets because his poems were as simple as they were universally themed, guiding the imaginations of the people who had creations made of descriptive words.

Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the 44th president, strongly believes in physical health and nutrition. She started a movement, named “Let’s Move”, to reduce childhood obesity and promote the quality and popularity of nourishing food. In addition to that, her efforts to influence citizens into healthy eating were better explored after she planted a vegetable garden at the White House.

Morgan Freeman, better known as an actor originating from the mid-1900s, participated in and commenced many community-supporting acts. These foundations and funds reinforced childhood education, protection against natural disasters, and uncontaminated fuel sources, them being the Tallahatchie River Foundation, PLAN!T NOW, and Earth Biofuels, respectively. His continuous benefaction in society strongly contributes to the growth of a better world.

Lovebug Starski stands as one of the most popular DJs of the hip-hop genre, as he used his skills to spread its music. He started his career in South Bronx, New York, and played a major role in the evolution of hip-hop as he DJed and rapped at one of the city’s most influential clubs, Disco Fever. His contribution to the creation and growth of this music genre lead to hip-hop and rap becoming some of the most popular types of music in the modern world.

Albert Bandura is one of the most influential psychologists in history because he initiated many theories, such as reciprocal determinism and the cognitive-behavioral theory. His most famous work is his Bobo doll experiment, which led to the social cognitive theory, stating that social influences help individuals learn. This and many of his other discoveries led to the advancement of psychology, allowing us to understand the origins of human behavior.

Dr. Seuss was the author of many children’s books, such as “If I Ran the Circus” and “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street”. He rhymed most of the lines in his books, making them sound more flowy and interesting for kids, and he added colorful and easy-to-recognize pictures, helping children follow along with the story and increase their vocabulary. His books are still widely read today and continue to bring joy to many young children around the world.

Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the main social activists who fought against the discrimination of Americans of color during the Civil Rights Movement. His most famous act was when he shared his speech, “I Have a Dream”, in 1963, stating the idea that all people are equal. His contribution to the Civil Rights Movement allowed the commencing of some of our basic American rights, such as the right to be free of discrimination and the right to vote.