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RAK HS Curriculum, Week 3

  1. What do you see in these pictures?
  2. How do you feel when you see these?
  3. How do the people/animals in this picture probably feel?
  4. Name a time that someone cared for or helped you when you needed it. How did you feel?

CHALLENGEIdentify one person you could care for today (this can include celebrating or appreciating them). Brainstorm one thing you will do today to celebrate, appreciate, or care for that person. This act can be simple but should be intentional. You will report back tomorrow on what you did, how it was received, how you felt, and how the otherperson felt.

Discussion Questions:1. Do you feel more cared for or less cared for now than when you were in elementary or middle school? Explain.2. What makes you feel cared for then versus now?3. Do you agree that when you are or feel cared for, you are more likely to care for others? Why or why not?


Read this article.

Interactive question

RAK Definition: Caring is feeling and showing concern for others.

Our challenge comes when we see, hear, or witness things with which we cannot empathize (because we do not have common ground with that experience). Individually or in small groups, think of a social justice issue that you cannot easily relate to because you have not personally experienced it, but that you feel strongly about and want to know moreabout so you can better empathize with and care for those most impacted. Research this issue and find one article that helps give you a better perspective. Write down five new things you learned that can help you better understand the issue and one action you could do to take care of those most impacted.Current social justice issues you could explore: ● Institutionalized racism ● Women’s rights ● Voting rights ● Socio-economic injustices

Empathy in digital age

Day 2

Reporting Back: What act of caring did you do, how was it received, how did you feel, and how did the other person feel?

What is EMPATHY?