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Progress Monitoring Workshop

GOAL High School

6. Work time for assignment-on your own

5. Strategies

4. Break

3. Break Out Groups

2. The Challenges

1. Importance



In the chat-Why is progress monitoring important?Think about this question through multiple lenses-student, parent, teacher, school...etc.

The importance of progress monitoring CANNOT be overstated.


  • Progress monitoring is a measurement of how successful WE have been in implementing the IEP.
  • It's accessible for parents and students to make sense of.
  • Lack of progress or lack of rigorous and progressive expectations is a TOP cause of litigation related to special education.
  • Endrew F v. Douglas County

Common Goal Pitfalls


Not Measureable



Please take the IEP goal below back to your group and rewrite it as a team. One member from each group will share out the rewritten goal when we come back in 10 minutes.By February 2025, the student will show understanding of real-estate vocabulary in sentences (interest, mortgage, deed, down payment, appraisal, etc.) with 80% accuracy over several sessions as measured by teacher-made probes.

Warm up-Breakout Groups

In order to be successful in a career as a real estate agent, student willl show understanding of real-estate vocabulary (interest, mortgage, deed, down payment, appraisal, etc) by matching 8 out of 10 terms to it's correct definition in 3 of 4 opportunities as measured by monthly teacher made quizzes.By February 2025, in order to be successful as a real estate agent, Joey will identify and define specific real estate vocabulary (i.e. (interest, mortgage, deed, down payment, appraisal, etc.) using both oral and written skills in 8/10 opportunities with 80% accuracy as measured by teacher probes.To be successful while attending a community college or vocational program the student will demonstrate an ability to define vocabulary related to real estate. Therefore, the student will define ten words related to real estate with 80% accuracy in 2 out of 3 trials.

Our Shiny New Goals

In order for student to be successful as a real estate agent, he will need to understand real estate vocabulary in sentences. In order to do that, student will correctly define real estate vocabulary (interest, mortgage, deed, down payment etc) with 80% accuracy in 3 out of 5 trials by February 2025 as measured by weekly vocabulary quiz.By February 2025, the student will show understanding of real-estate vocabulary in sentences (interest, mortgage, deed, down payment, appraisal, etc.) with 80% accuracy over several sessions as measured by teacher-made probes.

Our Shiny New Goals

There are MANY ways IEP goals can go wrong, but even greatgoals can be...tricky.

  • Math Problem-Solving-To be successful in a position as a vet tech Tyra Banks will be expected to have a fluent grasp of problem-solving as it relates to mathematical equations and formulas. Given explicit instruction in memorizing math-specific vocabulary words, Tyra will be able to correctly solve 8 of 10 math story problems on 10 separate occasions.
  • Math Fluency-To be a successful veterinary technician, Tyra will need fluent math calculation skills to make quick changes to medication amounts. With practice and repetition, Tyra will be able to successfully complete 32 of 40 order of operations problems on 5 separate teacher-created probes each semester until her next annual IEP.
  • Writing-To earn her veterinary technician certificate, Tyra will be required to submit reports and essays in classes. Therefore, she will improve her written expression skills as evidenced by success on 10 separate occasions in responding to a provided topic that earns 80% or better for the following criteria: 3-5 paragraphs, at least 5 complete sentences per paragraph, an introduction statement, details which support the introduction, and a conclusion statement.
  • Writing-To be successful in the field of veterinary medicine as a technician, where Tyra will be required to write reports and patient charts regularly, she will improve her writing mechanics as evidenced by producing complete sentences with fewer than 2 errors in spelling, punctuation, and capitalization per sentence on 10 different teacher-created probes per semester before her next annual IEP.
  • Reading-To successfully earn her post-secondary certificate in veterinary technician education, where she will be expected to learn and remember new academic vocabulary words, Tyra will need to increase her vocabulary knowledge and learning strategies. Therefore, with specialized instruction and practice, Vanessa will develop at least 2 strategies for learning and remembering new words and will apply those strategies to course materials as evidenced by reviewing assignments and student self-report
  • Reading-To be successful in post-secondary education to earn a vet tech certificate, Tyra will need to understand what she reads. Given support to build comprehension strategies (use of contextual clues, highlighting key phrases, making predictions, etc.), she will read a grade-level passage and answer 8 of 10 comprehension questions correctly on 5 separate teacher-created trials.
In the chat, what else makes progress monitoring difficult?
  • Math Problem Solving-100 problems
  • Math Fluency-200 problems
  • Writing-30-50 paragraphs
  • Writing-30+ complete sentences
  • Reading 5 passages and 50 questions

A little math

We'll take a 7 minute break and come back ready to tackle tricky goals!


How can we make goals and progress monitoring not only RELEVANT and GENUINE but also MANAGEABLE?We need solutions for BOTH writing and monitoring goals.

  • Writing manageable yet meaningful goals
    • skills the student may be working on in classes
    • skills parents can report on
  • Progress monitoring goals
    • time savers
    • places to find data
    • having students help

We'll come back in 15 minutes-please have a group member ready to share AT LEAST one idea from each of the two bullet points above.

In your groups brainstorm tips, tricks and strategies for:

Breakout Groups

Ideas for Writing Manageable Goals

  • Engagement-writing engagement related goals instead of task completion goals so they can access their services. Can be tied to tier percentages and engagement tool in Power Insight.
  • STAR-instructional planning report to identify skills they're working on.
  • Ensure student understands the goal-make sure they can attain it.
  • Use verbiage such as "teacher made probe" or "curriculum based instruction"
  • Make use of Friday meetings with general education teachers and coaches.

Enter ideas from groups here!


Ideas for Progress Monitoring Goals

  • Including parents staff and students all in the PM process. Self rating scales, parent observations, etc. All hands on deck!
  • Use coursework and learning platforms, the engagement tool, working with general education teachers.
  • What is motivating for the student? Linking chats and having conversations about it regularly. Ongoing discussions
  • Giving credit in a class or GOAL bucks to increase motivation

Enter ideas from groups here!


Take the next 20-30 minutes to find one of your students' goals (either written by you or inherited) that you don't like or that will be hard to progress monitor. Then send me an email stating the original goal and then use one of the strategies we talked about today to rewrite it or a way to make progress monitoring it more manageable.*This is due by 4 pm on 2/13/24 in order to receive your PL in Vector.

On your own

  • Genuine, authentic progress monitoring needs to start NOW and should be done at minimum every two weeks.
  • Progress monitoring should not be done at the last minute just before progress reports are due to go out!
  • Regional work sessions will be put on your calendar. This is time for you to start entering progress monitoring data. Please come prepared to work on progress reports.
  • This is an ongoing process and our school will continue to make improvements in this area so our students can reach their potential!

What's next?

Be salty!!!