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The snow leopard (Panthera uncia) is a species of feline native to the great mountains of Central Asia. They are found in 12 countries, including China, Bhutan, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia and Mongolia.


Gestation Period and Behavior

The snow leopard marks by urinating or rubbing itself against rocks, a way of communicating and indicating its territory and routes. They are crepuscular felines, which are active during sunset and dawn.

As for their hunting habits, they may be gatherers, but they are also good hunters. They can attack prey up to 4 times heavier, such as horses or camels. Their most common prey are wild goat species such as the bharal, markhor and argali.

Hunting habits

The effects of climate change, poaching and tourism and infrastructure projects in the areas where they live

Causes that cause its threat of extinction

The snow leopard is a feline of the genus Panthera that inhabits the high altitudes of central Asia. Despite the name, it is a different species from the leopard.

Snow Leopard

These are animals that measure up to 1.30 meters in length (from the tip of the snout to the beginning of the tail), not including the tail, which reaches 1 meter in length. Females can weigh up to 40 kg and males up to 55 kg. Their height varies between 55 and 65 cm. The color varies from light gray to dark gray, with the underparts almost white.