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Windows 11 is the newest Windows Operating System, which has a simple GUI which makes it easy to use for those who have never used a computer before, the reason why it can be seen as better than Windows 10 is becuase it has enhanced security as well as being the most compatibile Operating Syste,. Windows 11 allows you to download android apps, has face and voice recognition and has enhanced security features to protect your PC.

Windows 11

Linux Fedora is a free and open source OS which is used for hardware, clouds and containers. It is best fore developing cutting-edge applications; although the downloading process can be difficult due to some applications not being supported by Fedora

Linux Fedora

Chrome OS is a linux based operating system which has ben developed and designed by Google, similar to Windows, it is simple to use and has quick installations. However, it is not as compatabile with other applications compared to Windows 11.

Chrome OS

MacOS is an operating system developed and marketed by Apple. It is the primary operating system for Apple's Mac computers. MacOS is best used for media and video creation but like Linux, the downloading process can be difficult due to some application


Technical Description

Operating System

Step 1: Check Windows 11 Compatibility. Step 2: Check Windows 11 System Requirements. Step 3: Backup your data. Step 4: Start the Windows 11 Installation process (step by step) Step 5: Try and test Windows 11.

Step 1: Find and download FedoraStep 2: Get Rawrite 32Step 3: Write Fedora Linux Disk Image to USB Drive