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Maria Ganhão e Cristiano Cardoso




  1. Hi! How are you?
  2. So,what type of music did you make?
  3. What's your biggest hit?
  4. I think i know that one.When were you born?
  5. What's your first ever released song?
  6. What's your fashion style?
  7. What do you think you're most known for? Your music or the controversies that you're involved?
  8. What was your childhood like?
  9. What is your favourite movie that you participated?
  10. Cool,last question.Who killed you?


  1. Hello! I'm good, thanks for asking.
  2. I used to make hip hop and rap music
  3. It's a song called "Keep ya head up"
  4. I was born on the 16th of June, 1971 .
  5. I think it is a song called "Same song"
  6. Maybe sporty
  7. Probably for the controversies
  8. I was quiet, I read a lot, I wrote poems. I was the opposite of what i am now
  9. It's a movie called " Juice" it was first movie I ever made.
  10. ......