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Clemson's minimum Gpa score is 3.55, the minimum SAT score is 1230-1310*, and Clemson's minimum ACT score is 26-31

An in-state tuntion cost 15,558 per year. Clemson is a 47% male, 53% female The student to teacher racio is 31:1

Clemson University is a Public collage, and has a graduation rate of 85%. Thre are 23,426 undergraduated students. Clemson University is located in Clemson South Carolina.

If i go to Clemson, I would like to be an agrulcultural engeneer. In order for this, it is required to get a bachelors degree. Some Collage majors that would help to acheive this is Enviornmental science, Food science and industry, and animal science

Why I would like to go is because it is a great school for my job as an algercultural engeneer, and it is only 45 mins. away from my house. My dad and his dad both went to Clemson. It also has a decently cheap tuition.

Founded in 1889 by Thomas Green Clemson, originally an agricultural collage, and later turned into a military school. Clemson is now a public and land-grant research university. Clemson was later opened to nwoman in 1955.

Clemson History

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  • Sports: (Football, Baseball, Soccer, ect.)
  • Dance, Drama/Theater
  • Jazz/Band club

Clemson Activities and ethnic breakdown

Clemson is about 84% white, 10% African american, 6% Hispanic, 3% Asian