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Olympic diving competition

python code+ results




data structure

System presentation


The system created serves as a way to manage the swimmers’ informations and scores in a list/menu-driven application followed by various features. Users interact with the application through a text-based menu. The menu prompts the user to choose an action and then performs the selected operation.

System presentation

Data structure:

The swimmers' data, including names and scores, are likely stored in a list or other data structure that supports easy manipulation (addition, deletion, updating of records).Data: list of lists storing each swimmer’s informations and scores.Infos: list/ vector storing each individual swimmer’s informations like numer and name.

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changing data: updating an existing data. Delete data: removing existing data. Consultation: view all data in a report-like format. Search: review data for a specific swimmer. Winning swimmer: determine the winner. Save to file: export data to a file. Load data from file: import data from file to system.

Introduction Data: introducing new swimmer’s data.Data generation: automatically fill in the scores and calculating the final score by diregarding the highest and lowest score and calculating the average of the rest. The system are presented in modules and each module is be implimented as a function or procedure.

flowchart :exemple function add data


Pseudo code

python code + results

changing the swimmers scores
viewing the swimmer's data , scores and final score
Searching a score given by a specific judge:
Selecting the winning swimmer:
saving the data into a file
(calling out the functions declared beforehand)

main procedure