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Gabriela Carvalho nº10, Gonçalo Gonçalves nº11, Lígia Oliveira nº17 and Luís Lopes nº19




Gonçalo gonçalves nº11

Global advertising guidelines

Gonçalo gonçalves

Rule nº2

Protection from misleading information

Rule nº1

Assurance of Fairness and Transperancy

Clear and Transparent pricing

Rule nº3

Rule nº4

Fair competition for Informed choices

Rule nº5

Rule nº6

Clarity in Identification of Advertising

Absence of Offensive or Inappropriate Content

Can you think of any company that follows all these guidelines in their commercials?


Sheep inc.

  • Sheep Inc is a sustainable fashion brand

Their key focus areas are:

  • employ eco-friendly farming methods;
  • Integrate innovation into their production;
  • Reduce carbon footprint;
  • Be transparent with their customers about their products showing every step.

Sheep inc ad

Watch and analyse...


Luís lopes, nº19


1996 California Department of Public Health ad

Persuasive, emotional and shocking. This ad makes us reflect rather than telling us what to think

Newer and less efective

But why?

Ads targeting teenagers againsts "vaping".

How effective were these ads?

Can you recite an ad of the top of your head?

Can you recite an ad of the top of your head?

The power of ads

LÍgia oliveira, nº17

Why do advertisements impact us?


Advertisements hold the power to influence perceptions. They use creativity, emotions, and strategic messaging to connect with the target audience, ultimately shaping preferences and fostering brand loyalty.

By using their influence, businesses can not only expand their reach but also build trust and credibility with their audience. Ads make people buy stuff!

Practical example

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has emerged as one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach their target audiences. They are trusted voices


Gabriela Carvalho, nº10

Have you ever been manipulated into buying something and don’t really know why?


Subliminal Messaging

Emotional Appeal

Celebrity Endorsements

influences consumer perceptions and purchasing decisions

Using well-known figures to endorse products.

Limited-Time Offers

encouraging impulsive buying behavior

psychological effects of creating a sense of urgency

Social proof

Leverage social validation, testimonials, and user reviews to influence potential buyers by showcasing others' positive experiences.


Product Placement

False Scarcity

Advertisers strategically use colors to evoke specific emotions.

Color Psychology

Interactive questions

Thank you for your attention!

Add secondary messages with interactivity

Plan the structure of your communication

Give it a hierarchy and give visual weight to the main point

Establish a flow throughthe content.

Plan the structure of your communication

Establish a flow throughthe content.

Give it a hierarchy and give visual weight to the main point

Add secondary messages with interactivity