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What is fake news?

Fake news means information that isn´t true but seems like real. It can be made up stories, pictures or headlines that want to trick people. Sometimes is by mistake, but most of the time they do it on porpuse. Fake information can have a major impact with a lot of consequences on the reputation of a person or company,not just cousing economic complications, but also personal and psychological ones.


False or inaccurate information shared without meaning to hurt anyone


False information intended to deceive by intentionally changing the facts.


Clickbait is a tricky headline that shares fake news or maybe true to gain people attention by clicking the link to an article, image or video and earn money.


Deepfake is creating fake images or events by using artificial intelegence.


Loss of Trust

Fake news can reduce trust in the media, institutions and information sources. This distrust can have lasting effects on public trust.

Financial Consequences

Businesses may suffer financial losses if they are falsely implicated in fake news stories. Stock prices can be affected, and companies may incur costs in efforts to repair their reputations.

Public Safety Concerns

False information, especially during crises or emergencies, can pose risks to public safety. Inaccurate reports may lead to panic, and make people believe of fake and non harmful diseases.

Now a days everyone uses social media like Instagram, TikTok,WhatsApp,Twitter/X,Snapchat and more. Social media is the fastest way to share fake news as it can reach to a lot of people really quickly.

Spread of fake news

Identifying Fake news

Making sure what we hear or see is true before spreading the news. Using different resources to make sure it´s true. Doing a quick search on the outhor to know if they are credible or real.








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