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Mount Everest

Himalayan Escapes is a new business based in the small Nepal town of Serka Zong. It provides ecotourism services by transporting visitors to Mount Everest by train via the Himalayas. There has been conversation over the existence of the Yeti, a supposed monster, even if the local locals believe in a protective spirit. Old tea trains have been converted into three different types of transportation vehicles by businessmen Bob and Norbu. The train climbs the mountain in disagreement of the warnings of the nearby villages. As the engine speeds backward and twists through a completely dark cavern, passengers are scared. A massive Yeti shadow can be seen breaking up another track.


Welcome to Asia!Discovering Voice Poster

"You are the most beautiful" sign

The Story of the Tree of Life

There was a time when Discovery Island had no plants growing there. Nothing was there—no flowers, no bushes, no trees. It was a lonely area of land. Then, one day, a small ant wished and planted a seed. He wished for a tree to grow that would be big enough to house every animal.The ant's desire was granted magically, and a tree started to grow. It continued to grow until all the animals, from A (ants) to Z (zebras), could fit between its limbs. And as the tree reached higher and higher into the sky, representations of every animal that took refuge in its shadow started to show themselves on its roots, trunk, and branches."

What is the difference between a Monkey and an Ape?

The difference between a monkey and an Ape is that a monkeys have tails and Apes usually don’t have tails.

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Are people or plants & animals the priority here? In the Oasis, animals and plants are the priority here because the theme park is about natural enviroment, and animal conservation.

The Oasis


To maintain the health of zebra populations, we must provide them with water, food, and a suitable environment. Land use and development can impact their health, as littering and littering can cause illness or death. Conservation efforts can support local cultures by creating ecotours, but may also negatively impact the local economy by preventing businesses.

The species is near threatened, with a population of, 660,000-1,000,000 in the wild, facing habitat loss and competition with livestock.

The Zebra, a mammal found in East and South Africa, lives in groups and moves to new grass areas to eat fresh grass. Prey to lions, leopards, and cheetahs, they can run up to 65 km per hour and have unique stripes.

A building with a plant or animal on it.Here we can observe a fish in a roof.

Fichwa Fellow

Africa Selfie

Story of the Maharajah Jungle Trek

The Maharajah Jungle Trek trail provides access to the Royal Anandapur Forest, where tigers have been hunted for thousands of years. King Bhima Disampati built a Royal Hunting Lodge in 1544, but was killed during a hunt. His heirs prioritized animal conservation and environmental peace.

Tam Tam Drummers


Highway sign

The reason it's called Route 498 is to represent April 1998, when Dinoland first opened!


Maharajah Jungle Trek

Black Collared Starling

Photo of animals living around the tree. In this picture we can observe Ring-Tailed Lemur and Collar Brown Lemurs.

Africa Languages


Advertisement for a business

In this picture we can obseve 2 bussiness being adversited, we can observe a store being advertised and a show being advertised in the back of the picture.

Punny sign!

The Story of Dinoland

A small village in Diggs County was the original home of DinoLand USA, a attraction with a dinosaur theme, in 1947. The Dino Institute was founded as result of graduate students from all over the nation coming together after finding dinosaur bones next to a Sinclair gasoline station. The institution began offering dino tourism, and Dr. Helen Marsh developed an effort to investigate time travel. Restaurantosaurus, the centerpiece of the Dino Institute, is separated into other areas, such as a tourist center showing fossils, old photographs, and dig donors pictures. Extracurricular activities are shown in the "Hip Joint" amusement area, and the restaurant doubles as a graduate student hostel. The park has become a well-liked tourist destination because of its distinctive take on paleontology and time travel.

Comic Strip

Sustainability explanation explaining how scientists, business people, residents & tourists interact with the animals.

In Africa residents follow all the rules, however tourist leave their mind at home.Most of the time they throw trash and they will try to pet the animals or take pictures with flash. Business people in Africa will make eco tourist. Scientist will make test and labs on the animals.