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Hazardous substance cabinet that complies with all relevant COSHH regulations.Purpose-built for the indoor safe storage of flammables and chemicals, including paint and other hazardous substances. Fully compliant with all relevant legislation relating to the control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH).


Dry powder functions as a versatile fire-extinguishing substance renowned for its impressive fire-stopping capabilities. Referred to as an ABC extinguisher, it adeptly handles Class A solid combustibles, Class B flammable liquids and Class C flammable gas fires.

2KG Powder Fire Extinguisher

Comprehensive and easily accessible first aid and eyewash kit to keep the technician safe and prepared for any unfortunate accidents.

First Aid And Eyewash Station

Low profile rotating roof mounted ventilator. Wind driven and works in conjunction with the floor mounted gas vents to remove fumes, odours and moisture from the vehicle.

Wind Driven Roof Vent

Twin, bench mounted spray gun holders for quick and easy changeover between colours or basecoat / clearcoat systems.

Bench mounted spray gun holders