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Lorna Hopgood, Stacey Dalgleish, Jade Buckle, James Morris

The Cardiff Model

The Cardiff Model was created in 2007 in response to changes in student needs and a growing recognition of the effectiveness of brief, and single-session approaches to counselling.

Client gets set goals and homework
Intergrative approach
2 – 3 week wait for urgent cases, up to 8 weeks for non-urgent cases
Can work flexibly with students that need it
Cuts down on unecessary sessions
Session as and when needed
Single session, solution focussed
Offers 90 minute initial consultation

The Cardiff Model

Home sicknessIdentityCultural identity Loneliness / IsolationDrugs & AlcoholFinancial strainCareer identity


Presenting Issues:

Client Base:

18-25 + mature students

  • Online referal form through student connect portal
  • Tick boxes for presenting concerns (up to 3) & text space to add more details
  • Section dedicated to risk details including self harm and suicice
  • Student intervention team to manage imminent risk by calling on the phone or refering as needed
  • Admin triage the form and will either refer to risk, wellbeing or counselling teams



Cardiff university took on 5 people this year and are looking for a minumum of 3 next year.


Application form goes live


Applications are shortlisted


2 day induction

December / January

Sign off after DBS checks have been completed


2 hour initial supervision

Thank you. Any Questions?