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Meeting #1-Week of 2/5

February PLC- iReady Data/Literacy Strategies

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Successful Strategies

Reading Standards

Notices & Wonders

iReady Data




Valentine movie emoji challenge


  • See how many you can get right in 2 minutes!
  • Catch-up Plans- how are you currently working with students that are behind to get them back on track?
    • Challenges?
  • Are you implementing strategies that have worked in the past or are you trying something different the second half of the school year?
  • Bubble students- what are you doing to move the needle from 40% or 50% to passing?
  • Next meeting- share out a success story!

February "BlitZ"

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Week of 2/19- select your standard & strategyStart planning/prepping the activity for the live classDiscuss artifacts/evidence of student success

Week of 3/4- WORK/COLLAB session-check-in, fine-tune/add finishing touches to your live class lesson plan if not complete, bring questions

February-Meeting #2

March-Meeting #1

Week of 3/18- Sharing of artifacts, student achievement, WWYDD

Week of 2/5-iReady reading dataExplore literacy strategies

March-Meeting #2

February-Meeting #1

February-iReady reading data analysis & explore literacy strategiesMarch-pick a strategy that aligns with a reading standard to implement in live class, plan and share/celebrate student success stories/artifacts

February and March PLC focus

Take a minute to review.....Share any notices or wonders with the group

Middle School Wide iReady Data

Take a minute to review.....Share any notices or wonders with the group

Middle School Wide iReady Data

Click here

Grade Level iReady Data

  1. I would like one volunteer to provide a quick walk-through on how to access the report that shows your students' reading data/scores & ensure we are all looking at the same data.
2. What are some initial notices and wonders you have? I would like each of you to take a turn and share at least one. These can be questions that lead to more questions- that is OK!

Take a few minutes to log into iReady and pull up the Window 2 reading data for all of your students.

iReady Data

  1. Now, take a few minutes to look at your PA Standards report for reading.
  2. What are some notices and wonders you have? Share in the chat or on your mic.
  3. Can you identify one standard where students were successful?
  4. Can you identify the top 3 standards that students struggled with the most?


iReady Data

  • Compared to last year, are you infusing more reading and vocab strategies into your daily instruction?
  • What strategies have been successful for you and your students?
  • What is the main obstacle if you have veered away from implementing literacy strategies into your instruction?
    • (What I would prefer not to hear is "I teach Science so why do I have to incorporate reading into my instruction.")
  • Reading and vocabulary are a huge component of our Science curriculum!
  • Baby steps....remember we had a whole year of PD on lighting up literacy in Science :)

Share out:

  • Please click on the to access the Padlet Board
  • Begin exploring the vocab and reading resources and strategies
  • You are also welcome to explore strategies on your own that would align with the standard you selected
  • It must be a quality literacy or vocab strategy
  • As always I encourage you to please consider trying something new/different than what you have used in the past.
  • These cycles present an opportunity for you to create a literacy choice board or use breakout rooms for an activity (you can work as a group or partners on this!)


3. We will circle back to discuss/share-out catch up plans, incentives that are working for your bubble kids at our next meeting

2. Week of 2/19- PLCs meeting #2-select iReady reading standard/literacy strategy and begin planning

1. Week of February 12th- grade level meetings

  • Something you want to try.
  • A question you have?
  • Something you agree with from today's meeting.

Chat waterfall: Agree, Ask, Aspire-please respond to ONE of the following prompts.....



THANK YOU!Your hardwork and time is appreciated!