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gothic style

English Work

The Gothic style has roots in Great Britain, having appeared in the 70s, which adapted the style of the 60s with changes. Rock bands wore (and still wear) gothic clothes and when rock bands and songs became famous in England, the style of clothing began to be worn for the first time in England.

When the gothic style appeared?

The Gothic style is a style in which one wears dark, misterious clothing and various Gothic accessories (e.g. crosses, chains, etc.);In this image you can see a short black dress, with crosses around it, the chain, fishnet tights and a black sweater. Usually the makeup is black and the nails are painted black as well. To match, black boots are also worn;As some other accessories, you can also use rings in the shape of a cross or a snake; spiked bracelets or necklace.

The style

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Where can you shop?

The name "gothic" it originated from the barbarian peoples who lived in England, who made architectures (nowadays) considered to be of the Gothic style. The barbarian people (called the Godo) lived at the time of the Renaissance.The name was also influenced by rock bands in the 70s.

Curiosities about the style

I choosed the gothic style, because i think it's a cool style. I really wanted to use this style, but my mom doesn't let me use it. When I grow up, and if I still like it I will wear this type of clothes

Why i choosed this style?