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Have a piece of paper handy to take notes so that you can write down the different passwords and answers to the puzzles

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Answer:expectant parent

You need to solve the puzzle in order to receive a 4-digit code to proceed. Click here to view and solve the puzzle.

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ANSWER:logistics and transport

Read the letter and then click here to go to the next puzzle.

Start by clicking on the cord blood lab checklist to help get Sadie's cord blood unit to the cord blood bank laboratory.

Did you solve the puzzle and discover the secret word? Click the padlock.

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Read this article and think about how cord blood units are delivered from point A to point B. Start with "Luke". . . notice anything unusual about the way this article is written? Follow this link (a new window will open) and type in your answer. If correct, you will be given a 4-digit code to unlock the padlock.



Step 1: Click here to solve the puzzle. Once you find all of the items on the Cord Blood Lab Checklist, you will receive a secret word to open the padlock.

Step2: I have the secret word. Take me to the padlock.



How do these words fit into the puzzle?

  • sealed
  • clamped
  • deficiencies
  • extracted
  • processing
  • cord blood
  • disorders
  • collected

This is not a complete list of the words you will need and they are not in the correct order. You still have to do that part. ;)