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Stage 2 Commercial Motor Risk Management

Cohort No / Start Date

Cohort: January - March 2024Revised Start Date: W/C 1st Jan 2024


Course Overview

Virtual Workshops

This course will provide you with a detailed understanding of the basic principles of risk management relating to Commercial Motor.

The 3 workshops will be formed of trainer presentations along side group activities.

Self - Study Workbook


EiT Underwriting Faculty

Paul Chaloner & Gareth Chamberlain


Cohort Kick off Session and Self-Study Period

Weeks 1-8

Please review this pathway carefully. This document includes all instructions for pre-work activity, alongside information on the virtual workshops and assessment method.

Virtual Workshops 1, 2 and 3

Week 9

Assessment3 hours

Week 10

A workbook is provided to support you with preparation for the virtual workshops and assessment.

The written assessment takes place 1 week after the final workshop.

General Enquiries Please contact the Underwriting Services team if you have any queries: excellenceintechnical@allianz.co.uk Teams Channel There is also a Teams Channel that you can use to ask general questions and share insight with the rest of your cohort. Your trainers will also be contactable via this channel to support with any technical queries you have following the virtual workshops.

Self - Study Workbook It is recommended you spend approximately 4 hours per week studying for this module. It is important you complete the digital workbook prior to attending the virtual workshops!

Online Assessment Following the final workshop, you will be invited to attend an assessment. The aim of this assessment is to test your understanding of what you have learnt during the self - study period and virtual workshops. Excellence in Technical is committed to giving all candidates an equal opportunity of achieving its qualifications. Provisions can be made for candidates who have different educational requirements or disabilities including, but not restricted to those who are dyslexic, blind, partially sighted or those with dexterity impediments. Please contact the Underwriting Services Team if you would like to discuss reasonable adjustments by emailing: excellenceintechnical@allianz.co.uk Assessment Overview

  • The assessment is a 3 hour written assessment containing short answer and case study questions
  • The assessment can be completed at home / remotely and is not invigilated
  • You must complete the assessment in one sitting on your scheduled date and time
  • The assessment is closed book. You ARE NOT PERMITTED to access any physical study material and / or online study materials or notes during the assessment. You should also close all windows, including outlook, Teams and the intranet
  • A calculator, pencil/pen and note paper is allowed
  • You must complete the exam without any help from third parties or other delegates
  • You must complete and submit the exam within the defined timeframe
  • The pass mark is 65%
  • On completion, the assessment must be emailed to excellenceintechnical@allianz.co.uk within 20 minutes of the assessment end time
Before Starting the Assessment
  • Please ensure you are in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted, such as at home or in a meeting room on your own
  • Advise your line manager that you will be unavailable while taking your assessment

Target Audience This course is aimed at Underwriters and Senior Underwriters involved in Commercial Motor Underwriting. Objectives This module aims to build on the knowledge and skills delegates gained in Stage 1 Commercial Motor and on completion you should be able to:

  • Define risk management and explain its role in insurance. Identify the hidden and unevaluated costs of accidents.
  • Understand the role of risk management in establishing effective road risk health and safety.
  • Outline the process of risk identification, analysis and control. Detail the main risk improvement techniques available to risk managers. Describe how these measures may be monitored and evaluated.
  • Explain the features of risk management which are specific to Motor Trade.
  • Summarise the products offered by Allianz’ recommended risk management partners.
  • Explain how you would involve these risk management partners where appropriate and establish a means of measuring the cost effectiveness of this approach.
  • Outline the role of the Thatcham Motor Insurance Repair Research Station
Study MethodIt is expected you will need to spend approximately 4 hours per week studying including the following:
  • Self - Study Workbook
  • 3 x virtual workshops
  • Assessment
Important: You must complete the self - study workbook prior to attending the workshops!

Virtual Workshops You will be invited to attend 3 virtual workshops: Workshop 1: The Concept of Risk Management, Health & Safety and the Government Initiative, the Risk Management Process and Risk Exposure (Collision) Workshop 2:

  • Risk Exposure (Non Collision), Allianz Solutions, Thatcham and Electronic & Automated Vehicles
Workshop 3:
  • Wrap-up, Q&A and What’s Next

Important: Complete the digital self - study workbook

Important: You must complete your assessment at the scheduled time and date

Important: You must attend all 3 workshops outlined in the schedule

January 2024: Schedule

Important: You must complete the self - study workbook prior to attending the vitual workshops. Attendance of all the virtual workshops is mandatory to complete this module. Please check you can meet all schedule requirements before accepting a place on this course and contact Underwriting Services as soon as possible if your circumstances change.