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Bianca Deambrogio, 1 C LSU

christmas homework

project about tv series


where n' when









and why?

who created it?

what kind of tv series is it?

Are they famous only for being in Breaking Bad or have they also worked in other popular movies/TV series?

who are the actors who play in breaking bad?

... But as we continue with the episodes we discover a new Walter White...

What's the plot?

when is it situated?

and where breaking bad takes place?

After the coming out, different places became icons of Breakin Bad...

places that become famous

The desert

Walter's house

Los pollos hermanos

" This ain't chemistry, okay? This is art. Cooking is art and the stuff I cook is the bomb. "

- Jesse Pinkman, s. 1 e. 1, m. 33:20'

" Not all learning comes out books. "

- Jesse Pinkman, s. 1, e. 4, m. 31:05'

" Why are you selling it (meth) in such small quantities? Why you don't just sell the whole pound at once? "" To who? What do I look like, Scarface? "

- Walter and Jess, s. 1, e. 6, m. 16:30'

" The soul... There' nothing but chemistry here. "

- Walter White, s. 1, e. 3, m. 45:50'

Language and accent

We annihilate boredom

Personal opinion

thanks for whatching!

Raymond Cruz in Tuco Salamanca

Raymond Cruz

Aarn Paul in Jesse Pinkman.

Aaron Paul

Albuquerque, NM

Anna Gunn in Skyler White.

Anna Gunn

20th January 2008 - 29th September 2013.


Dean Norris in Hank.

Dean Norris

The answer is: Vince Galligan. Breaking Bad was invented by him.

Vince Galligan

RJ Mitte in Flynn White.

RJ Mitte

Brayan Cranston in Walter White.

Bryan Cranston