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Class 7

Christmas Vocabulary

  • Secret Santa
  • To see in the New Year
  • Boxing Day
  • To overindulge
  • Christmas dinner with all the trimmings
  • Bah Humbug!
  • To pull out all the stops
  • The festive season

Useful Christmas Phrases...

- What are some typical Polish traditions a Christmas time?- Does your family have any of their own Christmas traditions- What was your favourite thing about Christmas as a child?- Do you know any British Christmas traditions?


  • What do you do for your Christmas meal? Do you go round to someone's house, or do you host people at your house?
  • What food and drink do you typically consume around Christmas?
  • Do you typically buy presents for people at Christmas? Who do you find the hardest to buy for?
  • What are your plans for New Years Eve?


- What are your favourite Christmas songs? Why? - What films do you like to watch at Christmas time?- Do you watch any TV shows at Christmas?

Christmas music & films

Conclusion...What did we discuss today?