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how to be more sustainable

Watch this video with your classmates on what sustainability is, then discuss ways you think you and your community can help to be more sustainable.

What is Sustainability?

As the video says, sustainability is about maintaining something! This means like watering flowers to keep them beautiful and alive, we maintain it to keep its natural beauty. We can also use sustainability to sustain the earth and keep it beautiful and healthy to be shared with many generations to come.What can we do to be more sustainable? Choose between the two answers on the next three slides to find out!

So what is sustainability?

By making sure we are throwing away litter properly, we are keeping the earth clean! By recycling we are helping reuse materials that can be used to create new things! For example, we can use a recycled bottle and turn it into a shirt! Isnt that cool?


By reusing our old toys, we are able to learn to cherish and love old things and help see their use! However, another way to reuse toys is to give them to charity once you are done with them! This means someone else can reuse them.


By reusing our old clothes, we are putting less waste on the earth! By making do with what we already have, the earth stays cleaner and less cluttered.


Help your local community by helping them plant fruit and vegetables at allotments, go litter picking and plant trees!

Take part within your community

While out in nature, make sure to take any litter home with you so it doesn't ruin nature! Another thing to look out for as well is litter left behind, help keep nature beautiful by picking it up and disposing of it at home!

Respecting our surroundings

By reusing our no longer used items and making a new life for them, we are limiting how much waste we have in our world! One step closer to a cleaner and happier earth.

Reuse, reduce, recycle

Important ways to help be sustainable!

And remember...

Being sustainable is important as it helps us show love for those around us and the planet by being mindful of what our actions can cause! It also means that us being sustainable means that this planet will be more pleasant for future generations to grow up on if we all make an effort, we can make a change in helping the planet to be cleaner.

Why is being sustainable important?

...So keep making an effort, always!

A small change can make a big difference.

Here is an extra video to help you have more ideas on how to be sustainable!

How did you find the presentation? Are you confident on ways to help be more sustainable, and understand the meaning of sustainability?

End of the presentation! thank you for listening.

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