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Recap and Review

Week 11

  • Watched the lecture
  • Completed the pre lecture tasks

Before the Seminar

Make sure you have

Seminar 1 - Recap
  • To recall key concepts and skills from this term
  • To determine progress so far
Seminar 1 - Recap
  • Opener - guess the words
  • Each of these is a key term associated with one of the Philosophers covered so far.
  • Can you guess it .....
  • In Groups - you will be allocate one of the 4 thinkers.
  • Can you portray the key concepts you can recall associated with that thinker?
  • Using a combination of images and just 10 words (maximum)
  • You can use flipchart paper or a site like Canva if you prefer
Task 1 (15 minutes)



  • Identitfy any gaps in your learning
  • Review and revise those gaps ...

Seminar 2 - Review

Your Journey so far ....

  • Using the 'Review your learning sheet in the seminar folder
  • This is going to help you review how well you understand the areas you have learnt so far, to look for any gaps and to create an action plan for what you need to do with those gaps.
  • Open the sheet and consider the areas for each week
  • Lecture videos
  • Lecture PowerPoints
  • Your own lecture notes
  • Suggested reading lists
  • Asking a peer to help explain something to you
  • Asking your tutor to recap something to you
  • Once you have all your ticks in place, you need to write what you are going to do about any amber and red ticks.
  • Sources of help include:
  • You need to then start with your “red” actions.
  • Before you complete the seminar today, you need to be happy that you will be able to turn all of these to “green” before your upcoming assessment.
  • Then you turn your attention to the “amber” actions.
  • Now, let’s get started with reviewing and revising our areas of concern.