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Baby Gender Reveal

Thanks for taking part in this! We hope you are as excited as we are!

This gender reveal is all in good fun! Regardless of the baby's gender, they are going to be cherished and loved unconditionally.


So, what's your guess?

Let's look at some SCIENTIFIC prediction methods...

Cravings:♀= Sweet / Spicy♂= Salty & Savoury / Sour

Old Wives' Tale #1

Position / Shape & of Bump♀= High / Round & Wide♂= Low / Pointy & Narrow

Old Wives' Tale #2

♀= Both years are even or odd

♂= One year is even, the other is odd

Year of Mother's Birth vsYear the Bbay is Due

The Mayan Prediction

Take your wedding ring and attach it to a thread. Lie down, and have someone hold the dangling ring over your belly. If it swings in a circular motion, you’re having a girl. If it moves in back and forth like a pendulum, you’re having a boy.

Ring Test



The Crowd Favourite

Let's start guessing!