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English class syllabus

BTS Banque- 1st year

Warn me if you’re late : Teams , email bsoulas@carrel.fr You won’t be accepted in class after 10/15 minutes if I haven't received an email or a message


Group presentationArguments Bank-related

Class structure

  • DURATION: 10 min ( max)
  • PRESENT THE TOPIC : what is your topic, a bit of background
  • ARGUMENTS IN FAVOUR : presenting the pros (linking word+ argument + example). Cite your source "according to Le monde, ...."
  • ARGUMENTS AGAINST : presenting the cons (linking word+ argument + example). Cite your sources
  • YOUR OPINION + justification : what do you think about the issue and why
  • WEBOGRAPHY: with links to your sources
Your notes should be put on teams to check for any AI "help"


  • Traditional vs new methods of payment (cashless)
  • Brick and mortar banks vs online banking
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Interest rates for student loans
  • Private banking vs public banking
  • Are we heading toward a housing crisis ( high interest rates for mortgages)

Example of topics (pros & cons)

G1 - 8th MarchG2 - 5th AprilG3 - 10th AprilG4: 3rd May


UNIT 2 - Basics of Banking

UNIT 3 - Sustainable Finance

Business situations

Methodology : oral exam (video) Vocabulary : Google form quiz ( Vocab 2 - Basics of Banking)EVALUATION : article in English to sum up in French

Being able to talk about basic banking operations (credit card, loans, mortgage) Being able to structure a summaryBeing able to give your opinion

Unit 2 - Basics of Banking

Methodology : oral exam (video) + written exam practice Vocabulary : Google form quiz ( Vocab 3 - sustainable finance

Being able to talk about assessment (present perfect) Being able to discuss crowdfunding Being able to talk about green bonds

Unit 3 - Sustainable Finance

10th April

G3: group presentationModal - permission 3. Sustainable Finance - Fenty


5th April

G2: group presentationEvaluation - Basics of Banking Modals - advice

9th February

8th March

Assessment (coef1)Assessment (coef 2)

Curriculum - 2nd semester

G1: group presentation2. Basics of Banking - credit card debt Vocab quiz 2 - Basics of bankingMeetings- expressing opinionsModals - rules





2. Basics of Banking : bank of England mortgageSetting up a meeting Modals: abilities


3rd May

15th May

Assessment (coef1)Assessment (coef 2)

Curriculum - 2nd semester

3. Sustainable Finance - Green Bonds Written exam Practice - Office productivity



G3: group presentationVocab quiz 3 - Sustainable financeWritten Exam Practice: lunch break