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In a situation where you overhear someone being racist online, what should you do?

report them and leave.

Question 1/6

laugh and join in

try to get justice by being insulting or offensive back

you're friends are being annoying and throwing a game, what is the correct response?

Question 2/6

scream offensive words at them and leave

leave and find another team to play with

leak their personal information

you encounter a person spreading virus source codes in a forum, what should you do?

Report them to an admin and block them

Question 3/6

copy the source code and make your own virus

spread the source code further

you visit a page on a social media platform and it is filled with malicious and violence content, what is the correct response?

Question 4/6

like and promote the content

spread the content on your own page

report the content and user

you join a game online and there is a person cheating, what should you do?

exploit their cheats for free rewards

Question 5/6

report them and leave as soon as possible

ask them to carry you in more games

you join a game and a person is harrassing another person in the game in a sexual manner, what should you do?

Question 6/6

join in on the harrassing

talk to the person who is being harrassed, make sure they are okay and give them valid advice

laugh about it and dismiss it



you do not have valid netiquette.


you have answered all the questions correctly and therefore have valid netiquette!

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