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Insight EMEA x BrightTALK

Webinar Syndication and Promotion using BrightTALK.


We currently utilise BrightTALK in NA and they have had great success with their channel with subscribers currently standing at 1,468.

The platform encompasses powerful webinar creation, content management and community engagement capabilities.

Introducing BrightTALK

BrightTALK is a large global hub for B2B webinars and virtual events. It possesses an audience of 30M opted-in B2B professionals who are actively looking to learn about the latest technologies and trends that are powering success in their space.

Where we are now

Post-Kick off EnablementWk commencing March▯ Hold strategy call to align ongoing performance monitoring and success▯ Validate program is delivering on expectations▯ Activate features within program elements


Wk commencing 5th Feb▯ Lead delivery begins▯ Timelines set and confirmed for launch of other program elements▯ Webinar training completed▯ First mock live Webinar scheduled for 3rd week of February▯ Contact and Lead Nurture Nurture Activated in Marketo


Timeline for Launch

Our channel is now in development and we are set to launch with on-demand content and a mock live debut webinar in February!

Wk commencing 1st Jan✓ Reactive old BrightTALK Channel✓ Establish initial content plan▯Project Kick-off Call Pending - 1st week back▯Platform training -adding and managing existing content▯Existing content upload and optimisation▯Integration set up






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On-Demand Channel Content for Launch

Based upon the communities within the platform, we have a list of on-demand webinars that we are proposing to launch with. You can see a few examples for across EMEA below.

Microsoft Licensing Update for MSP & ISV

Channel Content for Launch

In addition to this list 'Transform your Data in value and services with Gen AI' has been selected to possibly* be our first mock live webinar in the platform which we aim to launch the channel with during the second week of February (date tbc in January).

Promotional Plan

As we aim to run both BrightTALK and ON24 alongside one another we have planned our promotional approach accordingly for each tool. Our focus for BrightTALK is to capture users who have not subscribed to our mailing list or may have never visited our website.

Paid and Organic BrightTALK Promotion

Comprehensive SEO Strategy

Website Push Notifications

Highly targeted exit intent RTP's



Due to the high value of users who reach this point, we'd then go on to consider paid options retargetting with the aim of driving these users to speak with an expert and converting them to a lead.

Due to the high value of users who reach this point, we'd then go on to consider paid options retargetting with the aim of driving these users to speak with an expert and converting them to a lead.

'not captured'

'paid contact from BrightTALK'

'subscribers to Insight EMEA BrightTALK channel

BrightTALK user enters nurture flow by showing an interest in our industry or directly showing an interest in our channel or content.

Enters lead scoring flow until reaches 'lead' status



Enters lead scoring flow until reaches 'lead' status

Enters lead scoring flow until reaches 'lead' status

'doesn't fill form'

'clicks speak with an expert'

Lead Status Activated

Enters lead scoring flow until reaches 'lead' status

Clicks to'Attend another webinar'

Clicks to'subscribe'


'interacts with email'

Clicks for'more information'

User lands in Marketo as a 'opted in' marketable' contact.

Nurture for BrightTALK Users

We have formulated a new nurture flow for contacts coming from our new BrightTALK channel. This nurture flow will be active from February 2024.

In the first 3 months following launch, we hope to achieve the following

Estimated Channel Growth


Additional Channel Subcribers


Paid Contacts

Paid ' Intent leads' guranteed by BrightTALK agreement.

This goal is based on the performance of our US BrightTALK channel and the potential of our content against the BrightTalk Audience.

BrightTALK will provide us with trusted platform where we can republish our ON24 webinar and video content to an opted-in B2B audience with hyper-specific, solution based interests.Whilst powering another means of digital promotion and lead generation.

Channel Launch Date 5th February 2024

Initial Project TeamMel Sinclair Cameron SinclairLaura Cooper

Looking to host a live or on-demand webinar on our BrightTALK Channel?Currently the user group for the platform is small due to awaiting sign off from various work councils across EMEA. However you now have the option to request this via the webinar request queue in Workfront and the UK team will complete the process for you.


Next Steps...

  • Platform training
  • Existing content upload
  • Integration set up

Thank you!



Continue to run and host on demand webinars

Redistributing content as on-demand or mock live.

If you’re going to present live, we recommend training your voice and rehearsing; the best improvisation happens when you’re prepared!

You can make an outline to summarize the content and use words that will be imprinted in the memories of your audience.