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10 Days...10 Ways: Our Culture Countdown

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Stay Fresh

Do your team members feel their roles provide them with opportunities to thrive and develop? Explore their experiences and aspirations as part of your 1-1 conversations using our Career Wheel Resource as a reflective tool.

Have you got new colleagues joining your team? Why not send them a welcome message using some tips from our New Starter Colleague Welcome Communication FINAL.pdf

Hello My Name Is

Ask Act Give

Do your team understand the importance and value of speaking up about their experiences at work? Display this poster in communal areas or distribute an electronic copy to help raise awareness on this.

Be Yourself Always

How well supported are your team in connecting with other colleagues on EDI issues? Encourage team members to attend and support discussions as part of our Inclusion Ambassador Forums.

Provide Excellent Service

How much recognition do you give your team for what they do well? Submit a nomination for the LTHTR Proud Rewards which support colleagues to be acknowledged and praised for their efforts at work.

How well do your team work through challenges together? Lead a group conversation using our TED Tool – A Problem Shared to encourage colleagues to provide one another with mutual support and develop plans to be able to cope with issues now and in the future.

Two Ears and One Mouth

Care Comes First

Do you shine a spotlight on and celebrate your patient feedback? Consider how you could showcase great examples of patient care and make these a focal point for your team – take a look at these examples on twitter for some inspiration!

Does providing constructive feedback to others feel tricky for you? Have a read through our Feedback Tools and Top Tips resource for some hints and models to support you with this.

Look in the Mirror

Are you keen to promote civility in your team? Show your team the Dr Chris Turner TED Talk to get everyone thinking about the importance of civility in the NHS.

Kindness Rules

Are you confident that your team understand the concept of zero-tolerance and what this means for them? Help raise awareness by showing them Our Zero-Tolerance Approach animation video on this topic.

Call It Out