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Social mediastrategy







I will be running two social media accounts for this courseMy instagram will be used primarily as a promotion tool for my podcastMy LinkedIn will be used as a secondary tool to promote my character for possible opportunities



  • I will use LinkedIn to promote myself in the media industry
  • I can use the connectivity tools to network with others within the industry which will be useful for developing my contact list
  • I can also refer to my other social media such as the podcast instagram on this app to gain a further following for my project


  • I will use instagram to promote my podcast 'dreamscape'
  • I have chosen this social media as i can upload a range of media including short videos (reels), photos with informative captions and set the aesthetic for my brand
  • I can also use interacitve tools through this platform such as link sharing, polls and question boxes to recieve content ideas and feedback from my audience



The target audience for my podcast is pretty varied as it is a broad subject matter but my promotional instagram will be aiming to appeal to the younger generationI can achieve this by focussing on my analytics to see what content is getting the most impressions from this age group and continue to produce content and an aesthetic that appeals to their taste.

I will lay my instagram account out similarily to the pictured account @dramaqueensoth I will create a set aesthetic theme for the account and follow this for a mix of content such as written posts and updates, video clips and other various relevent posts

case study

Goals: S.M.A.R.T

  • Specifics: on instagram i hope to achieve at least 100 followers as it is a new account and i hope to broaden my audience
  • Measurable: i would hope to grow my followers by around 25% each week gaining around 25 followers per week of the project
  • Attainable: I believe that this goal will be attainble through advertisement through my following on current accounts for this new project
  • Relevant: Skills i have that are relevant to success in my account is my experience in content creation and knowlege about the algorithm
  • Time: I will aim to have two detailed posts per week during this project as this means i can deliver the best content possible that isnt rushed alongside my college and work schedule


Throughout my period of running these social media accounts i will keep track of my goals through an analytics sheet. I will update this weekly to ensure i am reaching my goals for activity, reach and impressions on my social media.

Thank youfor listening!